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Doctor Terrence Harris Optimal Balance MD helps women who are experiencing low-energy, brain fog, adrenal or adrenal fatigue, have hyperthyroid or hypothyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, immune or inflammatory conditions and other health problems. We combine the best of both traditional and Functional Medicine – a model known as Integrative Medicine – to empower you with the tools, dialogue, and solutions to help you thrive in today’s modern world.  Unlike conventional medicine, Integrative Medicine gives us a fresh model for looking at healthcare – treating the person as a whole, rather than each system individually.

1. Come in. We not only listen, but actually hear your story and get to know who you are.

2. We will explore underlying contributors to your symptoms or condition, such as gut problems, inflammation and immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, and problems with energy.

3. We provide testing as necessary to evaluate your condition, including conventional laboratory testing and alternative testing methods not routinely checked.

4. Together we develop the optimal medical, nutrition and supplement plan so you can take back your health and life.

Dr. Terrence W. Harris, Dr. Harris, Doctor Terrence Harris,

“Optimal Balance MD is Your Place to Hear the Whole Truth on Health and Medicine for Women plus Get The Tools You Need to Take Back Your Health!”

Dr. Harris is a board-certified obstetrician & gynecologist and a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology who has been providing individualized women’s healthcare in our community for over 14 years.

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